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Steve H. Retired – Age 75
Dear Doctor Evans,

It feels like my penis is DOUBLE the size! I would never have believed my penis could get so big and
hard. I can usually get an erection, but when I take CordyCeps it feels like I’ve DOUBLED in size! And
it’s as hard as wood. It’s amazing.

My sincerest thanks.

Steve H. Retired – Age 75
Steve H. Retired – Age 75Paul G. Company Director – Age 53
Dear Doctor Evans,

I though my penis was going to explode! My penis was so big, the veins were bulging and the head was purple. It really did feel like it was going to EXPLODE! Never before in my life have I experienced such immense and frequent erections. I had to masturbate there and then and a few minutes later my wife loved it so much we just couldnt stop,

Paul G. Company Director – Age 53
William J. Retired – Age 67
Dear Doctor Evans,

It was HUGE!...I was sorely disappointed by all the other products on the market, I tried CordyCeps micro-pills without holding out to o much hope. But I was amazed when I had barely got into bed and my penis began to rise up and swell! It was HUGE, I’d never seen it like that! I made love to my wife 5 times in a row, ejaculating abundantly every time. That’s never happened to me before!

William J. Retired – Age 67
Michael M. Banker – Age 61
Hi Doctor Evans,

You weren’t kidding! Every time I took CordyCeps I actually did feel like I was wielding an iron bar instead of my penis! And it’s so big and engorged, it almost hurts… What an amazing feeling…”

Michael M. Banker – Age 61

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